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It’s That Time of Year


Last night a troll rap-tapped my door,

holding out an empty sack.

I shooed him off and said, “Goodnight!”

A minute later he was back.


This time he brought a Pikachu.

They stared at me, their bags outstretched.

I tossed in candy, and they left.

What’s going on?  Is this far-fetched?


BING-BONG-BING!  My doorbell chimed.

Again, I schlepped to my front door.

A mermaid and a rubber duck

threw stubby shadows on my floor.


These strangers only left in peace

when plied with full-sized candy bars.

Again, again the doorbell BONGED.

They started pulling up in cars.


Turtles, ninjas, ninja turtles,

Barbie, Ken, The Joker, Hook,

Elivs, Woody, Cousin It,

a lipstick in a pocketbook...


Alice and the Queen of Hearts,

a sumo wrestler, Pete The Cat,

Uncle Sam, a witch, a shrew,

a dragon, and a toothy bat…


Spiderman and Peter Pan,

a blow-up beach ball on a beach,

Coraline and Frankenstein,

Mario and Princess Peach.


At nine, the last bunch rang my bell –

a gaggle of racoon-eyed ghouls.

I bet you think it’s Halloween.

Well, it’s not. 


                      It’s …

            APRIL FOOLS'!

© 2023 Draft Tracey Kiff-Judson

(Perhaps this would have been better timed in APRIL?!)


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