On a recent bike ride, I happened across a group of turkeys …

                                                         and by that I mean REAL turkeys …

                                                                                         and by that I mean WILD turkeys.

I hopped off my bike to take some pictures, and well … I’m afraid I ruffled a few feathers.

The males were impressive with their puffing.  Peacocks have nothing on these Tom Turkeys!

Now all this got me to thinking, and thinking, and thinking …

                                that I have nothing poetic to write about turkeys.

I brainstormed:

              Why did the turkey cross the road …

              Wattle you want?

              Gobble.  Gobble.  Gobble.

              Talkin’ Turkey

              Poultry polka       

              Anybody want a drumstick?

              Pass the gravy

              Turkey Trot

              Seven months to Thanksgiving

              Spring turkey?


At midnight, I was drawing a complete turkey blank.


D.H. Lawrence to the rescue from 1922:


You ruffled black blossom,
You glossy dark wind.

Your sort of gorgeousness,
Dark and lustrous
And unfathomable

And poppy-glossy,
Is the gorgeousness that evokes my darkest admiration.

Your wattles are the color of steel which has been red hot
And is going cold,
Cooling to a powdery pale-oxidized sky-blue.

Why do you have wattles, and a naked wattled head?
Why do you arch your naked-set eye with a more than
              comprehensible haughtiness?

The vulture is bald; so is the condor, obscenely;
But only you have thrown this amazing mantilla of oxidized

And hot red over you.


Hmmm, accurate description, but perhaps a bit overblown? 

I guess I am not in a position to criticize when my most poetic thought was “Gobble. Gobble. Gobble.”

But fortunately, it is Poetry Friday! And I know some people who will have fantastic poems for you. Start by visiting the amazingly articulate Irene Latham at Live Your Poem!  Irene adds to the beautifully evolving progressive poem, presents her poem-in-your-pocket display, and shares an ArtSpeak prayer.


  • "You glossy dark wind" -- what a poetic spirit Lawrence had to come up with his view of turkeys! I guess Benjamin Franklin had a similar view (when he wanted to make them our national bird). You got some great shots of their impressive fanned tails!
  • This post is so funny! You pictures are fantastic! I've never seen turkeys up close and they look so big. I have often felt the need for a poem, but was unable to feel poetic at the moment, so I can relate. But your humor and sound bubbles. 
  • The speech bubbles are PERFECT! Those Toms are gorgeous too. I get to see wild turkeys occasionally at my mom and dad's home/neighborhood. They mesmerize me.
    • The are very interesting!  I am glad that you have a chance to see them sometimes too.  I would have liked to watch longer, but I think they found me annoying! : )
  • You certainly came upon a fascinating display! I love seeing your brainstorming process. Maybe add something about the way they strut? Fun to consider!
  • I love seeing wild turkeys! And I adore that ruffled black blossom (though, yes, perhaps a bit overblown, but still!). Thank you for the laughs this morning, Tracey. Creativity comes in so many forms!
  • I'm a little late to the Turkey Party, but this absolutely made my day.  HA!!!!! Love your carpe diem spirit and resourcefulness and generous sense of humor - thanks!! Gobble-gobble! 
  • Such a turkey-licious filled post and poems. And your pics are fabulous, thanks for sharing all Tracey!
  • Tracey-- I love your turkey photos! And your brainstorm list made me smile. "Wattle you want?" in particular tickled me... Honestly, I feel like this stream of consciousness list is a sort of poem in itself. So many different angles to a turkey! Thank you for sharing. 

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