Welcome to Poetry Friday! 

I am excited to see what this week holds!  The talented and amazing Robyn Hood Black is hosting at Life on the Deckle Edge.
This week, just a small tribute to our discarded Christmas tree. 

Dear Christmas Tree

I’m sorry, dear tree,
to leave you this way,
lying outside
on this cold winter day.

We loved you, adorned you,
with lights and with bows.
You gave all you had,
you were great, heaven knows!

You held on so long,
at times through a drought.
We missed giving water;
your needles fell out.

Now you lie waiting
for trash pick-up day.
I’m sorry, so sorry,
to leave you this way.


  • Isn't it so sad to say goodbye to our trees? I'm starting to say thank you to our earth for the gifts she gives us. 
  • Tracey, your poem is delightful. I like the letter format and the photo. Snow is the theme of the week. Ours is freezing so we have to be careful when we walk. Enjoy the snow!
  • Tracey, oh, Tracey,
    your tree was a great one.
    We think of it now
    with a thought to its fate. One
    day you may meet it
    outside once again,
    as part of the soil that 
    grows new trees.  Amen.
  • Love this creative perspective, Tracey - poor trees!  We used to live in a county with a huge lake, and used trees were gathered up after Christmas and put in the lake as fish habitat. (After years of real trees, we went the artificial route a few years ago.  Miss the smell but not the pine needles!)

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