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Last week, I was fortunate to spend a few days with a friend who I haven’t seen in many years. I love that there is always something to talk about with people that you knew growing up. There is so much shared history that you can converse with ease – even if you haven’t seen each other in decades.




High School Concerns:

making the cut,

whether these jeans look weird,

the Chemistry test.


Today’s Concerns:

our children’s happiness,

whether this mole looks weird,

the Climate test.


Joyful Constants:

your smile crinkles,

shared memories,

the way you say, “This is delightful!”


  • I saw my cousins recently and same! So much shared experience that even though I had not seen them in quite a while, we just talked & talked. Enjoyed your poem!
  • Tracey, what a joy your poem is. It captures what you were saying about the ease in those early relationships. So much shared history. I so love the closing lines of the first two stanzas: "chemistry test" and "climate test" Just perfect way to describe the old worries and the present and future concerns.
  • I feel like your poem could be a good mentor poem : yesterday's concerns, today's concerns, constants. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • The love the way your poem not only captures the ease of catching up with an old friend, but also captures the passage of time in the various stanzas. Your poem successfully negotiates these two variables. More power to you, Tracey.
  • I was unprepared for the tears that welled up when I read this poem. It does NOT help that I just finished watching 'Firefly Lane' on netflix and I'm a bit weepy even days later. Oh, my goodness...yes. My girlfriends from teen days that I connect with now...all of this is us! Beautiful poem.
  • Oh, I don't really have any childhood friends I'm still in touch with, and I know I'm missing out. I love the parallelism in your first two stanzas, Tracey.
    • For the most part, I have not kept in touch with friends from my earlier days either. Sadly, the only time that I have seen them in recent years has been at funerals ... but that was how we reconnected.  It is nice to find a little sunshine in such a dark place.
  • Time passing, time shared. Your poem captures the reunion so nicely, Tracey. How lovely that you had this time with an old friend.
  • Oh I love this too, Tracey- the way old friends make it easy to drop into conversation like it was yesterday. How fun to poke fun at our concerns then and now! Yes, the joy of friendship let's us do that too. 
  • Long friendships are the best. I love how you capture the crinkled smiles and the old to now concerns. Friendship that never goes away. 

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