I am excited to join in the Poetry Friday fun! This week’s roundup is hosted by Irene Latham. Please visit Irene’s website https://irenelatham.blogspot.com/ for her roundup of moon poems.

For additional information on Poetry Friday, please see Renee LaTulippe’s post.

Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon,
what cosmic cataclysm
wrought your craters
and left you
seeded and


© 2023 Tracey Kiff-Judson


On Saturday, June 3, Connecticut was supposed to see the 2023 Strawberry Moon, but sadly, it was overcast when I when I peeked out at the nighttime sky. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the name “Strawberry Moon” was used by Native American Algonquian tribes to refer to the full moon in June, which is strawberry season in the northeastern US. The Almanac also says that the name does not refer to the color of the moon, but sometimes, when you catch the June full moon just after sunset, it shines like a sun-warmed strawberry.

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