Yay! Poetry Friday has arrived and COVID has left the house!  Please visit the brilliant

Marcie Flinchum Atkins for this week’s Poetry Friday round up.  Thank you for hosting, Marcie!

Getting here was a long, hard battle.  Please allow me to elaborate …

Just before the holidays, The Green Goblin of COVID surfed in on a wave of phlegm. 

I immediately enlisted Sir Paxlovid, who I thought would be my knight in shining armor.  He fought a good fight.  For five days and nights, Sir Paxlovid went head-to-head with The Green Goblin.  A fierce battle raged!  The Green Goblin descended from my head to my throat to my lungs, burrowing deeper and finding refuge in the caverns of my internals.  Sir Paxlovid swung his antiviral sword and cut off The Green Goblin’s relentless advances.  On day six, Sir Paxlovid declared victory!  We embraced, and Sir Paxlovid left for his next conquest.  All was well in Traceyland.

On day nine, The Green Goblin crept out of his hiding place and started poking around, testing to see if Sir Paxlovid had truly abandoned Traceyland.  My head began to throb.  My throat began to ache.  On day ten, I inquired of the Wiseman Noseswab if indeed the expulsion was complete.  He assured me that, despite the signs, there was not a trace of the goblin in Traceyland.

Yet … the feelings intensified.  My four top advisors, Ms. Head, Master Throat, and the Lung Sisters, told me that something was amiss.  On day thirteen, I called Wiseman Noseswab back and demanded that he gaze into his crystal dropper again and tell me the truth of the matter.  He hemmed and hawed for fifteen minutes before admitting that indeed, The Green Goblin was back and running rampant throughout Traceyland once more. 

With Sir Paxlovid long gone, I knew that I would need to fight this battle the old-fashioned way.  I drank the secret potion – Plenty of Fluids.  I read poetry gifted to me by the fair maiden Jone Rush of MacCulloch.  A wise, friendly healer delivered an ancient remedy, Homemade Chicken Soup*, which I slurped down.  I soaked in a steaming tub of … bathwater.  This battle raged for three drippy days and three restless nights until … I woke up yesterday morning, feeling fine.  Ha!  I had slain The Green Goblin in my sleep!  

Today, I need to find that unreliable Wiseman Noseswab and ask him to confirm that we’ve eradicated the goblin, but I already know what he is going to say.

* This wasn’t just any chicken soup.  My healer-friend added a secret ingredient (a dash of Thai Chili Sauce), and she cut the carrots into tiny heart shapes!  XOXO, Kim!

And now, to go with the chicken soup … a poem about saltines!



By Michale McFee

How well its square
fit my palm, my mouth,
a toasty wafer slipped
onto the sick tongue
or into chicken soup,

each crisp saltine a tile
pierced with 13 holes
in rows of 3 and 2,
its edges perforated
like a postage stamp,

… to read the rest just click!


Wishing everyone a healthy, story-filled new year!


  • Tracey, I am sorry you had such a tough battle, but am glad you have driven the goblin away. A clever post. And a poem about Saltines! I love reminders that poems can be about absolutely anything. 
  • Tracey, I can't say I have enjoyed reading about anything covid related...until today! Thank you for your fun, imaginative storytelling. So glad you are feeling better! xo
  • Tracey, I am sorry that the Green Goblin lingered longer than expected.  I love how you retold the epic battle between the Green Goblins and Sir Paxlovid. I'm sorry that the Green Goblin stuck around.  But having a book (thanks to that fair maiden) and homemade soup from the healer-friend was brilliant. Who doesn't love heart shaped carrots?  
    Who would have thought to write about saltines (which taste best when ill, I'm not sure why). Here's to a healthy 2024.
  • Brava, Tracey! Whether from delirium of the Green Goblin or renewed energy in Traceyland, this is an epic read - and very sweet ode to Saltines! Glad you're through the worst and returning to health. What would we do without our friends!
  • Tracy, I appreciate your telling your ups and downs. I was never sick with Covid but if I ever am, I’d take Paxlovid. Even if you had a rebound, it might have helped get you well. So glad you had a friend make you soup. Glad you’re over it! 
    • It's so hard to know how things would be in different scenarios, but I wouldn't rule out Paxlovid either.  I do think it may have made me less contagious because my daughter was home during the second wave, and she didn't get sick...

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  • Tracey, I am glad to know you're feeling better, but couldn't you have struggled through another few days so that we could enjoy your tale of woe and bravery for a few more episodes?  WHAT FUN. For some reason the Lung Sisters are my very favorite part of many parts! May all be well in Traceyland throughout 2024.
  • Oh no! Rebound covid? Ugh. I'm so happy you're feeling better now. Thanks for your fairy tale story and sharing this poem--I love the details of the Saltines. I make brickle at Christmas with Saltines, and that's the only time I ever see them...
  • Tracey,
    You are so creative! I'm sorry that your illness had you down but boy - what a story you came up with!  I love all the nuances you included! Glad you are better with the slaying complete! Thanks for sharing your fairy tale and saltine side dish.  Take care! ~ Carol
    • Thank you, Tabetha!  It wasn't so bad.  It has actually been so long since I have been sick, I had almost forgotten what it was like!
  • Tracey, while I thought your tale was so creative and entertaining, I know that it must have been a huge battle for you to win and overcome the Green Goblin. A respiratory sinus "thing" has infected my house and it is not fun but turkey soup or split pea soup have always been on the stove. Stay Well. January is the month for good homemade soup!
    • Oooo, I love the idea of your soups simmering on the stove!  It is supposed to snow today, and I think I will brew up a pot myself.  : )

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