Happy Poetry Friday! 

Please visit our host, Janice Scully, at Salt City Verse for some holiday spirit!  She’s decorated her tree and baked up some fresh stollen.

A quick shout out to Michelle Kogan for her suggestion to try out Zentangle poems with the pages of some old books that I recently acquired.  What a blast!  I loved this experiment.  If you have any old books lying around, I highly recommend it.

Here are three that I created, with varying degrees of success.  Let me know what you think!

make everyone

for everything.


Well, maybe not everyone and maybe not grateful.  Ok, trying again!

smooth as
sheets of polished sliver,
he was flying
in heaven.
Happy landings.


Ok, one more go ...

For a long time
with eyes tightly shut,
he remembered
everybody --
thousands and thousands.

You are 
one in a million.


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