Last night at 9:30 PM, a friend texted and urged us to come see the fireflies on a trail near his house.  We raced there to view the display.  Thousands of tiny lights hovered above the darkened path.  It was truly spectacular, like Christmas in July. 

I tried to record the show on video, but my camera could only capture the closest lights, not the tunnel of flickering sparks fading to infinity.  Maybe you can hear the twanging, bluegrass frog-band that accompanied the visual fireworks?

flashbulbs pop at dusk

scattered specks of light beckon

fireflies seek romance

          Haiku and Video © 2023 Tracey Kiff-Judson


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  • Tracey, this is lovely! I've only seen fireflies a few times as an adult, and they are magical!
    • Thank you for the comparison, Michelle!  I would love to take a photograph (still working on the correct camera settings) that captures the fireflies in motion over a period of time.  I imagine it might look like this piece from John Cage, or even this one by Wang Huangsheng!
      I hope those links work, if not maybe these will:
      john cage artwork - Bing images
      Wang Huangsheng | Moving Visions Series No.68 (2012) | Available for Sale | Artsy
      • Nope!  No luck with the links!  I didn't want to paste copyrighted images, but I think the one by John Cage was called Water Works and the one by Wang Huangsheng was called Moving Visions Series No.68, 2012.  Sorry the links don't come through!

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